CADScor®System: Overview

An advanced acoustic-based diagnostic aid to easily and quickly rule out significant coronary artery disease at point of care.*

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CADScor®System is a point-of-care diagnostic aid that uses highly sensitive acoustics and advanced computational processing to analyze the patient's coronary blood flow. The system calculates a patient-specific CAD-score, and couples it with risk factors to rapidly indicate the patient’s risk of significant coronary stenosis for immediate risk stratification, prior to potential secondary evaluation.2 CADScor®System has been used in over 29,000 patient assessments 3 and has CE-marking and FDA De Novo clearance.

How it works

CADScor®System Uses Ultra-Sensitive Acoustics and AI to Rapidly Rule-Out Significant Coronary Artery Disease in 10 Minutes¹*

Non-invasive and radiation-free assessment for early rule-out of significant CAD.

Can help save costs of more advanced CAD diagnostics in up to 35% of patients.²

Rapid and easy-to-use, with clear results in 10 minutes.

An Individual CAD-score Indicates Low or Elevated Significant CAD Risk in Patients

The CAD-score is based on a phonocardiographic assessment, AI-powered calculations and risk factors.¹

Low Risk

Significant CAD rule-out in 35% of patients². Seek alternative diagnosis for symptoms.

Elevated Risk

Significant CAD cannot be ruled out. Refer for further diagnostics.

CADScor®System Research, Development and Clinical Studies

CADScor®System is approved in Europe with CE-marking and has received FDA De Novo clearance as a diagnostic aid for symptomatic patients with suspected CAD. Multiple clinical studies have been published to demonstrate CADScor®System’s performance.

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  2. User manual US-FDA v.12.Y, prevalence 10,7%
  3. Based on commercial patch use since 2017
*Rule-out with at least 96% confidence (NPV)

Important Safety Information