CADScor®System: How Does it Work?

An advanced acoustic-based diagnostic aid to easily and quickly rule out significant coronary artery disease at point of care.*

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Quickly and Easily rule-out significant CAD with at least 96% Confidence (Negative Predictive Value) ²

CADScor®System is based on ultrasensitive phonocardiography, which refers to an audio recording of the sounds made by the heart (heart sounds). Coronary artery disease (CAD) causes alterations to heart sounds. This novel technology listens to these sounds, some of which are not audible to the human ear.

When a patient with CAD develops an obstructive stenosis(es), coronary blood flow is interrupted, which creates turbulence or a small murmur.³ In addition, how the heart relaxes in between beats in the presence of CAD can also change features of the heart's sounds.⁴ An integrated scoring algorithm developed in collaboration with Aalborg University evaluates the heart sounds, and the computer-based algorithm rules out suspected CAD in patients.¹ The integrated, easy-to-use touch screen displays the individual CAD-score, indicating patients' low or elevated CAD risk.

An Acoustic Assessment coupled with Advanced Computational Processing Drives the CAD-Score to Indicate Low or Elevated Significant CAD Risk in Patients 2

Low Risk

Significant CAD rule-out in 35% of patients.² Seek alternative diagnosis for symptoms.

Elevated Risk

Significant CAD cannot be ruled out. Refer for further diagnostics.

How to Perform a CADScor®System Assessment

View our step-by-step guide on how to perform a CAD-score measurement with CADScor®System.

How to perform a CAD-score test

Instructional Videos

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CADScor®System: First time setup
CADScor®System: Preparation for use
CADScor®System: The Test Recording
CADScor®System Research, Development and Clinical studies

CADScor®System is approved in Europe with CE-marking and has received FDA De Novo clearance as a diagnostic aid for symptomatic patients with suspected CAD. Multiple clinical studies have been published to demonstrate the CADScor®System performance.

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*Rule-out with at least 96% confidence (NPV)