An innovative first line rule-out device for significant Coronary Artery Disease


A new first line rule-out device for significant CAD


A new first line rule-out device for significant CAD

A simple test to put a patient's mind at rest

The CADScor®System is an innovative, ultrasensitive analytical device designed to support a safe, reliable and cost-effective rule-out of significant CAD at the very first stage of the diagnostic pathway. The user-friendly test records and analyses the heart sounds of the patient and can be conducted by all trained healthcare professional.

An easy solution to bring down costs, risk and stress

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Non-invasive, point-of-care-test reducing waiting time and stress for patients
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User-friendly, accurate and reliable rule-out device to be used prior to other testing
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Cost-effective and safe diagnostic aid displaying immediate results

See how the CADScor®System works

Based on acoustic technology, the CADScor®System records the heart sounds of the resting patient to analyse the myocardial movement and blood flow in the coronary arteries. The recording detects heart sound abnormalities, such as coronary murmurs correlated to coronary stenosis and stiffness. In less than ten minutes, the results are shown as a calculated CAD-score from 0-99, categorizing patients into three risk groups.

“The CADScor®System gives you peace of mind in just 10 minutes”

For investors

Acarix is a medical technology company marketing the CADScor®System, currently available in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The CADScor®System is developed from pioneering research on phonocardiography, providing an innovative, non-invasive and ultra-sensitive analytical diagnostic aid for immediate rule-out. The cost-effective and simple test reduces the waiting time and stress for patients experiencing symptoms of CAD. Since 2016, Acarix is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.


Acarix will attend the Sächsischer Hausärztetag June 4-5

Sächsischer Hausärztetag in Radebeul   4-5 June 2021    The German Acarix team welcomes visitors to the Acarix booth!    Read more about the event




The Android version of the CADScor app is now be available in the Google Play store.

Download the CADScor(R) Andriod App