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Do the CADScor test
before going any further.

First choice cost-efficient testing in
non-invasive rule-out evaluation.

Adding confidence to your decision with
a clinically proven method
for suspected symptomatic  CAD patients
Remove doubt

Clinical Benefits

Rule-out your doubt using a CADscor® test, based on innovative phonocardiography technique and advanced algorithms.

Rely on the clinically proven, very high Negative Predictive Value (93-97%) even in high prevalence populations*.

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She’s so glad the test came back negative!
Be confident

Knowledge makes
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No other first line method in primary care has this level of confidence for ruling out Coronary Artery Disease*.

The CADScor®System is highly sensitive and efficient in ruling-out CAD.

In low prevalence populations (≤10%, as referred from primary care) Negative Predictive Value is almost 97%*.

Risk free acoustic diagnosis of CAD

Fast, easy, instant Diagnosis

The use of the CADScor®System is virtually risk free.

Doing a CADSCor® test is a completely non-invasive test, using no contrast medium, nor any radiation.

The CADScor® test is fast and fits into your daily practice.

The CADScor® test can be performed by your nurses or laboratory technicians after training.

Reduces inappropriate use of further evaluations by early rule-out of CAD, and brings you on the fast track to the real cause.

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Starting up
Easy procedure

Rest – Record – Result

The CADScor® System will become the new standard in first-line, cost-efficient Coronary Artery Disease assessment, providing an advanced stand alone equipment packaged into an simple and user-friendly procedure and results interpretation.

The full CADScor®System procedure can be done in 10 minutes. It can be performed by qualified physicians, nurses and laboratory technicians, in their normal examination rooms.

The CADScor® procedure is done in supine position and involves a 5-minute rest period for the patient.

After resting, The CADScor®System is fixed with a specific patch to the chest of the patient, with the recording head placed at the 4th left intercostal space, and the sensor resting on the sternum.

Instructions for the procedure are given on the display for the operator, and simple audio cues will guide the patient during the two-minute heart sound recording.

Following recording, the CAD-score is calculated, and presented on the display of the CADScor®Sensor within 2 minutes, enabling a fast decision to act upon.


* Data on file.

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