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It has long been known that turbulent flow can generate sounds, both in running streams, water pipes and also within the blood flow.

Turbulence in the streaming blood caused by partial obstruction (stenosis) in the coronary arteries are very weak sounds, usually described as”coronary murmurs”, typically in a frequency range below 1000 Hz.

The detection of these murmurs is delicate, since the energy (amplitude) of the murmurs is very weak. The detection and recording of these coronary murmurs requires not only an advanced sensor but also proper attachment to the skin above the heart to optimize the recorded signal and to avoid external noise.

The Acarix CADScor®System was developed to offer not only a very sensitive method, but also a very fast, non-invasive  procedure that offers instantaneous results. The full procedure can be done in less than 10 minutes including patient preparation and readout of CAD-score result, and even in your standard examination room or clinical practice.

The procedure can be carried out by all certified healthcare personnel after training.


The CADScor® System

Listening Makes
All the Difference

Built on famous Danish acoustic knowledge and hardware, with thorough clinical documentation

A sensor unit with microphones, micro-processors, software and a touch display for guided instructions and read out of the CAD-score. As the recording of the heart signal is delicate the microphone housing is separated from the rest of the sensor by a flexible connection. This prevents any distortion of the microphone by the body shape when placing the sensor microphone.

A docking station for the external power supply and a speaker for regular qualification of the sensor unit system. When the sensor unit is placed in the docking station the batteries will be recharged and the recording microphone will be validated to ensure that it always measures correctly.

An adhesive patch for intimate attachment of the sensor unit to the skin of the patient. The microphone housing is coupled into a special coupling to ensure optimal recordings of the weak murmurs. The patch is single-use and disposable as standard clinical waste, to ensure the highest patient hygiene and recording quality.

The CAD-score

The most effective number

The CAD-score is the value determined by the CADScor®System. The CAD-score is a measure related to acoustic energy in the recorded heart sounds, after subtracting internal and environmental noise in the recording periods.

Prior to the examination, the patient specific status (age-group, gender, symptom and hypertension status) is entered into the CADScor®System, and is integrated as part of the CAD-score, also to highlight if patient risk is above 85% Pre-test probability.

The CAD-score will classify patients into three risk categories, either low risk, medium risk or high risk of Coronary Artery Disease.

Low risk patients can thus immediately be ruled-out for Coronary Artery Disease, with a very high Negative Predictive Value.

Listen to your heart

It only takes 10 minutes to find out

The core of the CADScor®System are the advanced acoustic microphones and its housing. To be able to make qualified recordings of the heart the sensor housing must be placed above the IC4 (fourth left intercostal area) as depicted on the image The sensor body must be placed at the sternum.

The examination position of the patient will be lying and the full recording and analysis procedure will only last 10 minutes. When the CAD-score is calculated it is presented on the CADScor®Sensor display.

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