Acarix and GDPR

Dear customers, professionals, distributors, newsletter subscribers, job applicants, students and shareholders

First of all, thanks for your trust and interest in Acarix. We will try our best to keep your loyalty and we will act responsibly.

Therefore we embrace GDPR for your data integrity and safety.

We will never share your data with others outside Acarix.

We will delete all submitted personal information within a year if un-used.

We will never send you material you have not signed up for.

We will only send you information for fulfilling our obligations to you.

If you like what you already get from us, you should not do anything. Just wait for our next Newsletter.

But should you wish to unsubscribe to the Newsletter, it is easy. Just click unsubscribe in the bottom of the Newsletter-mail you get from us.

The Acarix team