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Bringing 21st century technology and mathematics together, the new CADScor® System signifies dramatic changes to advanced auscultation
Refined from the original invention, the binaural stethoscope was born in the mid 1850s, and evolved slowly up to present days
Presented to the world in Februar 1818, Rene Laennec (France) is acknowledged as the inventor of the first stethoscope
care for patients
Clear the anxiety,
effective rule-out of CAD
Using our technology you can relieve more patients of their worries
  • Early rule-out of coronary artery disease
  • Fast and risk free procedure
  • Instant result read-out
reduce cost

Coronary Artery Disease rule-out
made easy with the Acarix CADScor®System

Lower evaluation cost significantly for the Coronary Artery Disease diagnostic pathway.

Low capital investment

Small investment in CADScor® device, instead of high capital cost of complex systems.

Low cost per test

Small cost per test, low maintenance cost and easy replacement.

Easy to learn and use

Learn to operate the device within a few hours. Start immediately to use after training.

Fewer referrals

Reduce number of referrals immediately after training.

Stay informed

Ask for a simple rule-out,
reduce your own risk with a CADScor® test

High confidence

Unparalleled confidence in a negative test result at first point of healthcare contact.

Patient safety

No contrast medium, no radiation, no invasive procedures – we just listen.

Early rule-out

Jump the qeues, jump out already at your GP.

Easy to understand

A CAD-score at or below 20 means very low risk of CAD.

News from Acarix

Acarix was established in 2009, and since 2010 investors Sunstone Life Science Ventures (DK) and
SEED Capital (DK) have supported it towards market introduction. Acarix was listed on Nasdaq First
North Premier in 2016 and has attracted a highly-experienced management team.

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Acarix grundades 2009 och sedan 2010 har danska riskkapitalföretagen Sunstone Life Science Ventures
och Seed Capital finansierat utvecklingen av bolaget och stöttat det mot en introduktion på
marknaden. Acarix noterades på Nasdaq First North Premier 2016 och har en mycket erfaren

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CADScor®System launched in key markets: ”In 2017, we achieved historic milestones in Acarix – most noticeably the receipt of our first commercial order for CADScor®System in June and thus a confirmation of the commercialization program being on track.”

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CADScor®System lanserat på viktiga marknader: ”Under 2017 uppnådde vi historiska milstolpar på Acarix: den viktigaste var vår första kommersiella order på ett CADScor®System i juni, vilket var en bekräftelse på att kommersialiseringsprogrammet löpte enligt plan. ”

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